Surround yourself with people who believe in your dreams.
You can't be everything to everyone. Pick your priorities and be content working hard in those areas. 
You will forget the pain, but you will always remember the finish line.

I don't care who told you to do what. Think about it and figure out if you should do it.

The person who is better than you at something is definitely worse than you at something else. Don't waste your time on comparisons. 

Be conscious of what makes you feel most alive. What glues a smile to your face or synchs a melody to your soul.

When you grow angry or impatient at a stranger, pretend their mother just died and treat them with respect and patience and compassion.

When someone asks you how you are doing, always reply that you are great! fantastic! wonderful! and for that instant you definitely will be.

If people only bring you down or sap your energy, cut them out of your life. It is too short and precious. 

If you feel jealous of someone, dig down deep and figure out what it is you respect and admire about them. Then work on being it yourself, on your own terms. 

Be weird.

We don't really know why we exist in a vortex of space and rock and burning hot sun and freezing cold water, so do what feels right to you — do what makes you happy. 

You are enough. You are beautiful. You are talented. You are unique. You are special. Offer it to the world. 

The quicker you can accept change, the quicker you will be happy. 

Don't hold on so tight.

Defy limitations. Focus on solutions.

Do the things that inspire you to do the funky chicken dance.

Grip and rip.