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About A continual readiness to face, create, grow and savor. 

Mission  To help people be their best and push at their potential.

Work  I'm currently focusing my energy on helping people reach their potential through products, talks and writing that help people (1) optimize their health, (2) improve their self-understanding and self-efficacy, and (3) improve their relationships with their partners, families and teams. In terms of titles, there's Co-Founder of BetterBackEverest, the Journal, Fundrah; President of JB Christopher II; Contributing writer for The Huffington Post.

Goals  To unlock human potential near and far, build a house from scratch, become a pilot, be a bad ass breakdancer, read a book a month, do something for someone who can never repay me, set foot on every continent (ideally country!), go to space, join Sheryl Sandberg's women's club, camp under the Northern Lights, solve a great mystery.

Ongoing practices  Express gratitude daily, coach a kid's basketball team, get outside once a week, stop discounting statements with "sorry", do 50 consecutive push-ups, volunteer every month, host an article club, do something I fail at at least once a year. 

Fun facts  Experienced black rhino fecal collector (see my first!), still have a baby tooth, solo traveled around the world, look up to my mother (aw!), first solo woman to break $1M on Kickstarter!

Motto  To live life on purpose.

Press: Shark Tank, Forbes, Entrepreneur, TimeForbes, Fast CompanyHuffington Post, Indiegogo BlogMixergyBest and Brightest